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Michael Milkin

Michael Milkin was born in Kharkov in the Ukraine in 1964. As a student of Architecture at the town's university he participated in serveral art exhibitions. Soon after, Milkin started teaching fine arts and in the late nineties, his works were being exhibited in art shows all Ukraine, France and Germany. In 1994 Milkin joined the national artist union. Milkin concentrates on still life and landscape, which he paints dramatically with thick, expressive brushwork and brilliant colors, using a special technique which he has developed.

In late 2001 Milkin and his family decided to immigrate to Israel and he dedicated himself to art. Milkin's work is exhibited and collected throuhout the United States, Israel, Ukraine, France, and Germany. He has had serveral one-man and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

           Main Group and one-man exhibitions:

     1995 - Group exhibition, National Artists Union,
                 Kiev, Ukraine
     1998 - Claude Hammon Gallery, Paris, France
     1999 - Dais Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine
     2001 - Metropolitan Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine
     2002 - Safrai Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
     2004 - A&E Fine Art, Ridgewood, NJ, USA
     2005 - Estampa, Madrid, Spain
     2007 - B.L.D. Gallery, New York, USA
     2008 - Art Expo, New York, USA
     2009 - Aviram Art Gallery, Kfar Ruth, Israel

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